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Client Reviews

Anne P.

Kim is a master negotiator and an exceptional realtor.  She found the right buyer in ONE day, at $10,000 over asking and closed in lighting speed.  All parties were happy.  I will hire her for additional real estate needs and recommend her to friends!  Thank you Kim!

Bob and Sherry

Kim helped us buy a house and sell a house.  We had a number of special needs lots of space, not too many stairs, a good kitchen, walking distance to shops.  Kim worked closely with us until we found the perfect  house.  On the selling side, her advice was excellent and all went smoothly.  It was a pleasure to work with Kim. We highly recommend her.

 Sherry & Bob
Tim M.

I am a California school transportation administrator in the planning stages of retiring to Minneapolis. My wife  and I, being unfamiliar with Minnesota Real Estate, knew we needed a unique, creative and well informed expert to guide us through the process. We found such a person in Kimberly Miller.

Kimberly listened to our plans, goals and concerns, evaluated our options and provided us with various creative strategies that will allow us to meet, or exceed our goal of investment property ownership as a major source of our retirement income. In less than a year she has provided us with the information, guidence and tools we’ve needed to understand the complexities of Minnesota real estate, purchase a house, a property and plan construction on that property. This has given us peace of mind for a financially comfortable future in Minneapolis.

Kimberly’s availability, patience and genuine enthusiasm for the work has been invaluable for us.

We owe her a debt of gratitude.

 Phyllis Phyllis

I bought two houses with Kim. Words that come to mind when I think of her: smart, articulate, professional, creative, warm, tenacious She’s an incredible Realtor, with an enormous amount of knowledge about the housing market. She’s also a skilled listener and people person, meaning she sees each client as an individual, with unique needs and wishes, enabling her to make the experience an amazing and successful one for both buyers and sellers. She’s amazing!


My husband and I are investing in property to support our retirement.  Kimberley Miller was instrumental in helping and guiding us in this process. Her expertise, passion and commitment has allowed us to make this transition with relative ease. Kim assisted us in purchasing an investment lot for a build and also a home. She has remained dedicated, involved and available still to this day, a year later. We plan on continuing our relationship with Kim as we consider her a partner and trusted alliance in future real estate endeavors. She is Gold in our minds.

Amy , Matt, Garrett & Zachary

When looking for our first and last house, a co-worker recommended Kim to us. What a treasure! First, she is so darn smart! I was constantly amazed at how she just knew what to ask, who to call, or how to explain something to us. Her attention to detail is stunning. I truly appreciated her calm and caring manner and I never felt inhibited about truly speaking my mind to her or showing a variety of emotions during the buying process. She was very positive and mindful of our needs and we constantly felt supported. We love our house, but frankly I miss talking to her daily!  Thanks Ms. Kim!

 Amy & Family
    Alex, Anna, Brian Alex, Brian and Anna

Kim started out as our realtor and became a close family friend. Kim is, by nature, conscientious about the details, particularly specific to the true financial affordability of a home. With us, she helped us understand what we could truly afford and went out on AT LEAST twenty visits to find us the right place and the right price. She was the kind of realtor that we needed: ethical, forthright, resourceful, patient and pragmatic.   We didn’t buy too much home for our budget and, as a result, thankfully, we aren’t suffering with some of the dire consequences that many others homeowners are who bought at the peak of the market.  Kim looked out for our interests, even at the expense of a higher commission for herself; she always does the right thing for her clients.
Kip and Lisa
We loved working with Kim. She helped us understand how to present our house to buyers so that we stood out in the market. And as we went out looking for our new house, she really paid attention to what we liked and didnt like and ultimately, she found the perfect place for us a listing that we had originally rejected. She was able to help us see the potential and how perfectly it fit with everything we had been looking for. We felt so taken care of that Kim will be our realtor for life!
 Kip & Lisa
  Vicki Vickie

The home buying process can be downright intimidating. It was our first home, and well, quite frankly we didn’t have a clue how to go about the process.  Kimberly was fantastic! She took all the time we needed to explain the entire process to us. She went well and above the call of duty. When we couldn’t make it for something, she was right there standing in for us. She was so complete and meticulous with every detail, it was as if she was buying the house not just acting as our agent. When it was time to buy our second home, even though we had a relative in the business, there was no question that Kimberly would be our agent. While other agent s would merely be interested in the deal, she was interested in what would be best for us. We would never consider anyone else for our home buying or selling needs.


Kim was fantastic to work with when she helped me sell my house. She’s a true pro and I recommend her to anyone. I’ve worked with other realtors before but no one compares to Kim. She came in and made magic happen! She knew the process, and made it easy and understandable for me. I felt completely comfortable with her.  And, she got me a great price for my home. You cant go wrong with Kim Miller.

 Lynice & Cassandra Lynice and Cassandra

In all of our real estate buying life, we have never known an agent who prepared for everything, calculated everything, planned everything, anticipated everything, and gave us her best ALL THE TIME, EVERYTIME until we worked with REAL ESTATE GURU KIM MILLER IS AMAZING! We sold a house and bought a house in West Oakland in 45 days at the start of the housing market crash and saved money, time, and energy. How Kim Miller! Kim lives and breathes real estate, understands changing markets, knows houses inside out, from West and East and can match buyers and sellers like nobody else. We got the same professional, compassionate, go to any lengths representation as her affluent clients. Bottom line Kim is a master at building and cultivating relationships.  She cares about people! She cared about us, and we will never forget it!

 Suring Family Annemarie, Derek and kids

Kim came into our lives at a very special time. We were expecting our first child, Ella, in a matter of weeks. It was the top of the real estate bubble (2005) and we had been in escrow twice (with another real estate agent) in San Francisco and were beginning to give up on buying anything in the Bay Area. We met Kim through a friend and she generously offered to show us around the East Bay to better learn the neighborhoods. So for several weeks we toured the East Bay and checked out open-houses together, and with Kim’s support and reassurance, we started to feel more hopeful. Finally, just a couple of days before my due date, Kim showed us a duplex in North Berkeley and encouraged us to consider this possibility. At the same time, my mother was visiting from New Jersey to be present for the birth. My mother met Kim and we showed her the duplex. Almost overnight, everything started to come together. My parents decided to move to Berkeley , our financing was looking feasible, and I went into labor. While several other people had also bid on the duplex, Kim encouraged us to write a letter telling the seller of our plans to have the two generations live together, and miraculously, our bid was accepted. Kim helped our family’s dreams come true!

Anne – Minnetonka

Kimberly is a master negotiator and an exceptional Realtor.  She found the right buyer in ONE day, at $10,000 over asking and closed in lightening speed.  All parties were happy.  I will hire her for additional real estate needs and recommend her to friends!  Thank you Kim!

Carolyn, Bridget and Cheryl

Our experience working with Kim Miller was truly amazing. This was our first investment property purchase, and our first venture as a partnership.  The learning curve was steep. Kim had a network of resources to meet our every need.  Unlike a married couple, she had to deal with us collectively as well as individually. The amount of patience and knowledge she demonstrated with us was exemplary and made our entrance into the business world of real estate painless. Because of Kim’s business acumen, we maintained a working relationship and gained a true friend.

 Bridget, Cheryl, Carolyn