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Moving Soon? Contact Your Utilities First

  • So your bags are all packed, you’re ready to go… but did you call your local utilities?

    It seems like in the hubbub of a move, this is one of the easiest things to forget.  But we’re here to help you out.   To make your move just a little bit less complicated, here are the links and numbers to the most commonly used services in the twin cities:


    Xcel Energy  |  800-895-4999

    Natural Gas

    CenterPoint Energy  |  (612) 372-4664

    Internet / DSL / Cable & Satellite TV

    • Qwest for broadband internet services |
      (612) 332-8552
    • Comcast for cable internet services  | (612) 372-4664
    • USI Wireless for City of Minneapolis’ public wi-fi service
    • Centurylink for Internet, DirecTV, phone, prism TV  |
      (800) 934-6489

      Dish Network for satellite TV |

      (612) 315-8975

Telephone Service

  • Qwest provides local and long distance telephone service.
  • Comcast provides local and long distance telephone service.
  • Vonage (requires DSL) |
    (800) 980-1455
  1. The City of Minneapolis collects trash and recycling in the city | 612 673-1114


More Cities coming soon!